RelMo is a combination of a surveying program, a CAD program and a 3D rendering program. The name is derived from the words Relative Motion which describes what the program can achieve since it has the capability to move objects around a scene using user defined rules.

Using RelMo

Complex styles are arguably the most exciting and powerful feature first introduced in RelMo many years ago and which have been enhanced considerably since. These can lead to astounding increases in productivity.

simple2The 3D scene on the right was created directly from a survey file in less than one second, the time it took to import the file into RelMo. The reason it is so quick is the use of complex styles in the survey import file. Using the correct codes allows scenes to be created straight from the survey file. The scene illustrates several complex line styles of walls, hedges and fences. Also present are complex point features of lampposts and bollards.
Adding the triangulation and other objects to the same road junction took less than five minutes of editing. In just a few minutes you can have a scene such as this ready for adding animation and printing.

Watch the video below to see how a similar scene was created and how you can add animation and see the sample gallery for other videos.