RelMo 11.20 released

RelMo has been updated to fix a couple of minor bugs in the program.

RelMo now deals with the deletion of points in point clouds more effectively. It was previously possible to cause a crash if users tried to ‘undo’ the deletion of points before exiting the delete function. We thought we’d fixed this issue previously, but it appeared not as the crash could still be initiated. The undo problem should now be fixed.

Windows installations often use high resolution screens and magnification factors considerably larger than 100%. This can mean the left hans side bar appears too narrow and some of the status bar text is clipped and becomes unreadble. The display of the left-hand side bar and some of the status bar items has been updated so that the system deals with high resolution screens and Windows Magnification factors better.

The latest versions of all the programs are available from the downloads page. As always do please let us know if you think you’ve found a bug in any of our programs. If we don’t know about it, we can’t fix it!!