Published July 2017

On this page you can find additional resources for RelMo.  Do feel free to download and install any or all of them. They are designed to work with both RelMo 64 and 32-bit programs version 10.41 and later.  Earlier versions of RelMo are unlikely to open these files.  The install programs create additional folders for the template objects which can be found using the template browser window within RelMo. Where necessary additional textures are installed to your texture library too.  To download the install program for the resources on this page, click on the picture.

If you have built some RelMo models which you think might be of use to other users, do please contact us and we’ll make your models available on this page!

Road Paint Survey.  This contains letters and numbers to build your own words and also a number of the more commonly used 2- and 3-point code for painted words such as ‘SLOW’, ‘BUS STOP’, etc.  After installation this survey can be found in the Symbols template folder.




Additional Trees.  This contains a number of AutoCAD style trees, shrubs and hedges.  After installation this survey can be found in the Symbols template folder.  To use these codes open the Trees survey and drag the point and line code symbols you want to use into your existing survey.





People / Characters.  This installs six people or character models for use in 3D surveys.  After installation the various characters can be found in the People folder of the main templates folder.



2D Vehicles.  This installs nearly 50 specific 2D vehicles suitable for use in 2D plans.  The template surveys for each of the vehicles can can found in the 2D Vehicles folder in the main template folder.



3D Vehicles.  This installs over 60 3D vehicle models suitable for animation and use within 3D surveys.  Some of these models are large and contain many thousands of polygons.  The template surveys for each of the vehicles can be found in the 3D Vehicles2 folder of the main template folder.  Note that this is a large install program of about 95 Mb.