SolvePro Support

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On this page we list a number of tutorials and documents demonstrating the use of SolvePro version 8. This version adds in a host of new features. In addition to a dynamic graphing facility, the main new feature is the ability to process ranges of data or lists (vectors, series or arrays) of variables. This extremely powerful feature enables you to build SolvePro documents which process and analyse the results of a series of calculations using a Monte Carlo simulation.

These documents were all created using SolvePro are provided as PDF files as well as the original SolvePro document. You can also click on the name of the document to view an online version.

Introduction to version 8PDFSolve
SolvePro functionsPDFSolve
Vectors and tablesPDFSolve
Creating and editing graphsPDFSolve
Creating and viewing rangesPDFSolve
Monte Carlo simulation – Skid to stopPDFSolve
Monte Carlo simulation – Calculating the radius
Types of distributionPDFSolve