solveproiconSolvePro is word processor, free-format spreadsheet and maths calculator combined. It comes with a set of templates which allows you to perform all the most commonly used calculations and also allows you to alter the variables within the template. The results can then be printed or embedded into a Microsoft Word® document. SolvePro also allows you to build your own templates and collision scenarios.

There are a number of tutorials to explain the use of some of the newer features in SolvePro. Click on SolvePro Tutorials to view.

Dynamic Equations

solveactiveeqnThe equations within SolvePro are completely dynamic, thus changing a variable at some point within the document will be reflected in the results wherever that variable is used after that point. You can enter variables using the built-in ActiveEquation feature or manually using the sidebar. Simply right-click on the sidebar and choose the add variable option. ActiveEquation comes with its own dialog and complex calculations can be built easily using a format similar to Microsoft Excel®.

Built-in templates

Numerous built-in templates cover the majority of the calculations you are likely to perform in collision reconstruction. Just drag in the necessary template from the sidebar and SolvePro performs the calculations. Alter any variable and the alterations will instantly update throughout the document. Complex documents can be built easily by dragging more than one template into your SolvePro document. For example, you might want to drag in a template to calculate the coefficient of friction (mu) and then use that coefficient in a scenario where you want to calculate the critical speed. SolvePro makes that easy, simply drag in the Critical Speed template too and everything will be present.  Note, the text in blue in the images highlights the position of the ActiveEquations used for these calculations. These can be edited by clicking on them.

Build your own templates

Templates are SolvePro documents in their own right. You can build your own templates or customise those supplied. You can define variables and create your own equations using the Active Equation editor.

Formatting Options

solveimageresizeSolvePro contains many tools to enhance the display of your document. Fonts, colours, margins, line-spacing and paragraph justification are all readily available You can see on-screen where page breaks will occur and insert your own breaks to format the overall document to your specification. SolvePro documents are based on RichText (like Microsoft Word®) so there is an option to view the underlying RichText for even more control over the format.

Other objects can also be embedded in the SolvePro document, such as images, graphs or spreadsheets. In version 7, additional controls are provided to insert commonly used items. We’ve also written in a completely new way of embedding images into your document. Just drag and drop the image into the document and SolvePro will calculate how much space is available for the image and resize it to suit.

You can also insert SolvePro fragments into your preferred Windows word processor. Since SolvePro is a word processor in its own right though, you could easily create your entire report using SolvePro and the associated Collision Suite programs.

More information

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If you are already a licensed user of SolvePro, you can download the latest version from our Downloads page.