On this page you can view frequently asked question about AiTS Software and associated components.

If you have a problem with AiTS Software that isn’t answered below do please contact us and ask. We’ll do what we can to assist.

Q: Why do I need Licence Manager
A: Licence Manager controls your use of AiTS programs. All your licence information is stored on a hardware key dongle. This means you can easily install the software on a number of different computers and simply move the dongle between computers to use the software.
Alternatively you can use the dongle over a network and operate the software concurrently from a number of different computers, depending on the number of products you have purchased. Licence manager uses encrypted information stored in the dongle, to determine when your licence expires, what programs you are permitted to run and how many copies of a program you may run concurrently.
In network use, Licence Manager maintains a list of all active users. This list is updated as users open and close licensed programs. Once a licensed program has obtained a lease from Licence Manager to run a program, it is maintained until the program is closed by the user. This enables a ‘first come first served’ use of the programs over a network. All this occurs behind the scenes and normally requires no action by the user.

Q: What are the components of Licence Manager
A: Licence Manager is a stand alone program, which controls the licensing of all AiTS software products. Associated with Licence Manager are a number of drivers which assist in communicating with the supplied dongle. All the licensing information is stored on the dongle which must be inserted in order to use the licensed programs.

Q: Can I run AiTS Software products over a network
A: Yes! Each application program can be installed on as many computers as you want. Licence Manager is installed along with these programs and can easily be configured to use a central Licence Manager installation. This means you need only update one computer when your licence expires. For further information on network installation, do please download the appropriate Manual and read the appropriate section.

Q:How do I activate AiTS products
A: When you first use a protected program, it detects that it has not been activated. The program then offers to launch Licence Manager. You should accept this offer and once the Licence Manager dialog is displayed, click on the Update button. This shows you a dialog which contains a code and also a space to enter another code. Contact AiTS as per the instructions in the dialog and we will supply you with an activation code. Enter the supplied code in the space provided and click Ok. You licence will then be updated and you will be able to use the software