Other Products

We don’t just produce RelMo. We’re leading the world in crush damage analysis thanks to our research projects and as a result we produce AiDamage as well as SolvePro and DigitalAnalyst.

For further details about any of these products please contact us or browse to the AiTS web site.


damage48_icoWorld leading speed from crush damage analysis software. Based on the CRASH3 algorithm, but with several useful extensions such the determination of actual speeds. Determining the actual speeds of the vehicles rather than just the DeltaV is based on techniques developed by Jon Neades as part of his PhD research.


solve48_icoSolvePro is our general purpose collision reconstruction calculator and mini-word processor and contains many of the standard equations. If your desired equation is not present, then just build it using programmable equation fragments.


DigitalAnalyst48_icoDigital Analyst assists the user in the analysis of data from EU approved digital tachographs. In particular it allows the user to analyse the 1Hz detailed speed data stored within the vehicle unit or the 4Hz data sored in Siemens units to find speeds, changes in speed, distances and acceleration.  Once analysed, the information can be used in the reconstruction of collisions and for route tracing