Updated March 2017

Download the latest versions of RelMo, AiDamage, SolvePro or DigitalAnalyst from here together with support files. Browse to the sample gallery to see RelMo in use, or the resources page for items you can use in your own surveys and models. A complete ISO disk image for all the Collision Suite products is provided below.  A separate ISO disk image for DigitalAnalyst is also available.

The latest versions provided here support the new AiTS licensing system as well as the older DK2 hardware key system.

Quick links

ISO Disk Image

Full install disk

cssetup(Updated March 2017) The full install disk image allows the installation of all AiTS software products, RelMo, AiDamage, SolvePro and DigitalAnalyst together with support files in a convenient package.

DigitalAnalyst install disk

cssetup(Updated March 2017) This disk image allows the installation of DigitalAnalyst only. To install other AiTS software products, download the full install disk image above.  For a demo version of DigitalAnalyst, please see the section below.


Upgrade 64-bit Version

relmo_icoUpdate to the latest full version of RelMo64 from here. This 64-bit version is recommended for all users using a 64-bit version of Windows.

Upgrade 32-bit Version
relmo_icoUpdate to the latest full version of the 32-bit RelMo from here. The 32-bit version should only be installed if your operating system is not capable of running 64-bit programs.

RelMo3 Viewer
relmo3_icoThe RelMo3 Viewer is available free of charge and only as a 32 bit version. It allows your clients and other parties to view animations and flyby sequences created within RelMo. Contained within RelMo3 viewer program is a demo facility to practice movement around the scene. Note that the quality of any motion will be governed by the quality of the end users hardware. It is recommended that RelMo3 users take note of the minimum specification for RelMo.

Demo Version (32-bit)
relmo_icoThe demo version of RelMo is virtually identical to the current full version of the 32-bit RelMo Design, but with two restrictions. In the demo version you cannot print plans and there is a screen message in 3D views advising your use of the demo version. These restrictions have no effect on existing surveys, so you can download any of the sample files and expect them to work correctly. A few sample files are included in the installation package to get you started. Please read the on-line help files for information on getting started with RelMo. Note that this is a password protected installation. The password required is ‘aardvark’ (all lowercase and without the quotes).


Full Version
Update to the latest full version of AiDamage from here. This can be safely installed over your existing installation.


Full Version
Update to the latest full version of SolvePro from here. This can be installed over your existing installation but please note that as part of the install the template files may be updated.


Full Version
Update to the latest full version of DigitalAnalyst from here. This can be safely installed over your existing installation.

Demo Version
Install the demo version of DigitalAnalyst from here. Please note that the installation file is password protected. To install use the password ‘genesis’ (all lower-case and without the quote marks). IMPORTANT: Please note that the demonstration version of DigitalAnalyst alters the actual W value of any data you download and substitutes a value of between 80 and 120% of the real value. As a result the speeds shown on the analysis graph will not be accurate and must not be used. 

Hardware Key Drivers

Conversion and download utility
rmconvert_icoThe file conversion utility for converting output from the majority of electronic total stations to a format suitable for import into RelMo

Hardware Key drivers
DeskeyThe latest versions of the hardware key driver are available direct from DESKey. The version currently installed by RelMo is available here.

DeskeyServer version.  Note that the server version of the driver is built specifically for AiTS software only and must be installed if you want to use your PC as a hardware key server.