Licensing System Upgraded

The online licensing system used by our software has been upgraded so that program activation / deactivation can now be performed via email.  Email licence management is not intended to replace the existing online method, but is provided for those users who are unable to connect to our licensing server via the internet.

The way in which the licensing system deals with proxy servers has also been revised. This should now enable the majority of users using proxy servers on their internal networks to connect via the internet, even if this was not possible before.

Email licence management requires the ability to send a simple text email to AiTS which contains a request code generated by the computer you wish to manage.  AiTS will process that email request and send back a response code. This is a manual system and response codes can only be generated by AiTS when there are personnel available to process the request. As a result email licence management will take considerably longer to perform compared with the online system.  Although the facility to send requests via email is provided to everyone, if you are able to use the existing online system, then please do so.

To cater for this new feature all the AiTS Collision Suite software has also been upgraded.  Please note that the program upgrades do not provide any additional functionality other than the ability to use the new email licence management process.  The latest software can downloaded from the Downloads page. 

The email system is designed for those users who do not have internet access. As a consequence the ‘check for program updates’ button will always be disabled if the program is activated using email.  This button is provided in all the main programs and requires an internet connection to function.