RelMo 10.41 Released

relmo48_icoVersion 10.41 of RelMo is now available for download.  This release fixes a few issues and adds in a several new features.

The way in which RelMo handles point cloud data from laser scanners has been considerably updated. Points from such clouds are now dealt with internally more like regular RelMo points. They can now be selected and queried in 2D and 3D and can be used to draw lines, triangles etc. In 2D views cloud points are highlighted in a similar way as regular points so that you know to which point the cursor will snap. Objects containing point clouds can be rotated and moved and the contained cloud will respect those changes. This allows small sections of a point cloud (such as the image of a car) to be edited and manoeuvred into position to match existing features within a larger survey. Please note that this feature is not designed to allow you to animate point cloud objects. Any animation using a point cloud is likely to be extremely slow and unusable. This is because the way in which RelMo displays point clouds is to pre-build several models of the object containing various levels of detail. This building process takes a considerable time but allows you to move about a point cloud scene containing hundreds of millions of points at a reasonable speed.

A new user-defined dimension feature has been added. This allows you to create a dimension between two points and enter your own text. This is useful when you need to identify a distance, but the suitable points defining the distance are not available. A similar user-defined angular dimension is also now available.

You may notice that user-defined dimensions and text boxes in 2D views now have new ID code feature. The same sort of code is also provided for text boxes in layout views. These are designed to allow you to create template files for particular models and using a text based file you can very easily populate the template file with text and dimensions specific to your model. This feature is still under development and will be enhanced for the next release.

As always, do please let us know if you discover anything that isn’t working as it should and we’ll do our best to fix it as soon as possible.