RelMo 10 Released

Version 10 of RelMo is now available for download.  This version has a completely new ribbon-based interface and has been redesigned from the bottom up as a 64 bit program to take full advantage of the additional memory available.  In particular this has a significant effect on handling point clouds.  Version 10 will happily load and display tens or even hundreds of millions of points in real time due to a revolutionary way of displaying the points. For example, with a 40 million point cloud display rates of 10 – 15 frames/s have been achieved.  Virtual surveying within the cloud has never been easier with the addition of new surveying tools and a ‘pause-edit’ feature to allow movement around the scene while editing.  See New in Version 10 for more information.  A 32 bit version is still available for users who do not have a 64-bit operating system.