RelMo 11.0 released

The 64-bit version of RelMo 11 is now available to download from here.

In version 10 we introduced background images which can be used to trace-over and create simple surveys. In version 11 we introduce foreground images. These are designed to display images from CCTV cameras and overlay those images on a 3D view of a surveyed scene. By matching points between the CCTV image and the surveyed scene it is now possible to determine the position of the camera which was used to generate the image, together with the field of view and some other camera parameters.

Primarily to assist with selecting points there is now a new magnify feature which expands the view around the cursor in 3D views.

Another enhancement is the addition of a new tool to quickly re-orientate imported point clouds. On occasions a point cloud may not be orientated with the road surface horizontal. The new tool available in 3D views only.

We have also updated the point cloud viewing capabilities for version 11. You can now control the size of points (within a point cloud) and also triangulate small areas of clouds. Both these tools increase the resolution of the image when viewed on screen.

Since the vast majority if not all users now run 64-bit machines we are not planning to release a 32-bit version. The 64-bit version is significantly faster, allows for many more point cloud points and some features (such as the new foreground image feature) do not work in 32-bit versions. If you do require a 32-bit version however, do please contact us.