Software Updates

We’ve updated all the AiTS software and new downloads are now available. All programs are affected by a change in the way in which some information is passed back to the programs from the licensing server. This required a small change to the licensing system present in each program.  We’ve also taken the opportunity to enhance RelMo and fix a couple of minor bugs found in DigitalAnalyst.


RelMo has been updated to further enhance the way in which 2D background images can be used.

With this version we’ve changed completely the way that the 2D view redraws when moving or rotating objects  so that it looks a little more intuitive and now clearly moves the object you’re trying to move rather than everything else.  This works when doing a manual move/rotate as you were trying, plus it works for the arrow keys too.  This new screen repositioning doesn’t work for move and rotate by points, as that isn’t necessary and updates the screen using a different mechanism.

Moving and rotating by points has been modified too.  Now you can move ordinary objects by arbitrary positions.  If you don’t want to snap to a real point, just hold the CTRL key down when you click and RelMo will create a virtual point at the mouse position.  This means you can now move your survey object to the correct position in an image.  For example, with the survey object active, click on a real point in the survey and the hold the CTRL key down and click on the corresponding point in the image.  The survey will then move to align those two points.  If you’re moving the background image, then you can only move by virtual points anyway and holding down the CTRL key will make no difference.

We’ve tweaked a couple of other things too.  The normal rotate function is set by default to rotate about the centre point of the object you’re trying to rotate.  There has always been an option in the program Settings to alter this so you can manually rotate about a point you’ve selected.  The background image object now follows a similar rule.  If the rotate about point option is selected, then the background image will rotate about whatever position you select within the image.

Note that all this only works in 2D views. 3D views are unaffected by these changes!!


A minor bug has been spotted in DigitalAnalyst where under certain circumstances part of a printed page is missing. This only occurs in the timeline view and 24 hour speed graph.

In addition the software update function within DigitalAnalyst doesn’t always work as expected meaning that it is not possible to update the program from within DigitalAnalyst.  The same problem also affects AiDamage and is due to a difference in way in which these particular programs are compiled.

These bugs have now been fixed and new downloads for all software programs are available from the download page. Note that due to the software update bug, you will need to download the updates for DigitalAnalyst and AiDamage from the download page and install manually.