SolvePro 7 Released

solveproiconVersion 7 of Solve provides a completely new interface using a ribbon bar to manage most of the commands. This provides a fresh look to the screen which is matched by the new page view of your document content. This view simulates the way the document will be viewed when printed and there are options to display the position of the margins and where page breaks will occur. Note though that the document is still displayed as one continuous page and the page break indicators merely show where the page will break on the current printer. Quite deliberately this interface is similar to that provided by versions of Microsoft Word® so the commands and their location are likely to be quite familiar.

You can also zoom in and out of the page using the new zoom commands on the right hand of the status bar.

On the left of the status bar are useful indicators to show the page in which the cursor is located and also the line on the current page.

New commands to Insert Images, Charts and Equations have been added. These are available from the Insert category on the ribbon. Other OLE compatible items can still be created and inserted, these are shortcuts. The Options page in the help file contains further information about how to manage and edit the Chart and Equation insert commands.

A new method of handling embedded pictures has been developed which avoids other programs ‘taking over’ display of images depending on what setting you have on your computer. One particular aspect of this new feature is that the embedded image automatically sizes itself to fit as near as possible in the space available. This means that if the cursor position is at the far left of the page, you will obtain a relatively large image. If the cursor position is more to the right, then the resultant image will be smaller. You can still insert pictures using the old method by copying the picture to the clipboard and pasting it wherever you want it. Pictures or images can also be dragged directly from Windows Explorer onto the page and the image will be inserted at the cursor position.

For more information see the SolvePro Product Information page.