RelMo 10.22 Available

Version 10.22 of RelMo is now available for download.  This release fixes a couple of issues which have been brought to our attention. The display of mesh data in 3D has been restored, so that data downloaded from GetMapping or similar aerial photograph producers now displays the orthographic image properly.  Text in 3D views have… Read More »

RelMo 10.1 Released

Version 10.1 of RelMo is now available for download. As well as fixing a few minor bugs, version 10.1 adds in support for intensity data in point cloud data. Intensity data can now be viewed using a number of different colour schemes to enhance the visibility of tyre and other marks which may not be… Read More »

Graphics Cards

Please note that in order to use the 3D display capabilities of RelMo you will need a graphics card supporting OpenGL version 1.5 or higher and preferably version 2.0. The generic Microsoft OpenGL drivers are set at OpenGL version 1.1 and are NOT suitable for use with RelMo. Please use specific graphics card drivers supplied… Read More »

New in Version 10

General… The most obvious change in this release of RelMo is the introduction of a ribbon bar to contain all the controls and commands you might want to use.  This follows the design principles of the latest versions of Microsoft Office. The available themes have been updated too so that you can use a version… Read More »

RelMo 10 Released

Version 10 of RelMo is now available for download.  This version has a completely new ribbon-based interface and has been redesigned from the bottom up as a 64 bit program to take full advantage of the additional memory available.  In particular this has a significant effect on handling point clouds.  Version 10 will happily load… Read More »

RelMo 9.4 Released

RelMo 9.40 is now available.  This update fixes a minor issue with registry settings resulting in an inability to open Licence Manager from RelMo and a possible problem with Pack ‘n’ Go creation. This mainly affects Windows 8.1 64 bit users.  If you want to download the update program now you can do so from… Read More »

RelMo 9.3 Released

RelMo 9.30 is now available.  This update fixes a minor issue with surveys using New Zealand mapping coordinates.  The main update in this and the previous version for the benefit of all users is a revised Autosave routine which fixes an earlier problem with Windows 7 and 8.1 concerning folder permissions.  If you want to… Read More »

RelMo 9.2 Released

RelMo version 9.20 is now available.  This version now supports Windows 8.1, fixes a couple of minor issues and adds in the facility for New Zealand users to use NZGD1949 coordinates in GPS files.  To download the latest version, browse to the main download page.  The dongles drivers supplied with version 9.1 and above are… Read More »

New in Version 9

General… RelMo v9 introduces two major new features. It is now possible to display and manipulate textures in 2D views and there are a whole range of new tools for the manipulation of point clouds, such as those generated using a laser scanner. Everything RelMo does has been speeded up considerably, from the import of… Read More »