Collision Suite Updated

Collision Suite, the AiTS collection of forensic collision analysis programs, has been updated and is now available for download.

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Part 1

SolvePro 7.1 Available

SolvePro 7.1 is now available. Version 7.1 fixes a small bug in the About dialog box where licence details were not displayed correctly.

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Detailed Analysis

DigitalAnalyst 4 Released

In Version 4 the look and feel of Digital Analyst has been completely changed. A new ribbon bar replaces the old toolbar and menu bar. The acceleration portion of the Chart Analysis page has been separated from the speed chart […]

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Part 1

SolvePro 7 Released

Version 7 of Solve provides a completely new interface using a ribbon bar to manage most of the commands. This provides a fresh look to the screen which is matched by the new page view of your document content. This […]

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Points of Interest

AiDamage 6 Released

Version 6 is a completely new version of AiDamage and adds a ribbon bar interface to the program. The main additional functionality introduced in this version is the inclusion of a new Points of Interest view. This allows you to […]

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AiDamage: Points of Interest View

The Points of Interest view was introduced in Version 6 of AiDamage.  The purpose of this paper is primarily to explain how the point of interest data is calculated and displayed. It also provides hints as to how data generated from AiDamage […]

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RelMo 10.22 Available

Version 10.22 of RelMo is now available for download.  This release fixes a couple of issues which have been brought to our attention. The display of mesh data in 3D has been restored, so that data downloaded from GetMapping or […]

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RelMo 10.1 Released

Version 10.1 of RelMo is now available for download. As well as fixing a few minor bugs, version 10.1 adds in support for intensity data in point cloud data. Intensity data can now be viewed using a number of different […]

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Graphics Cards

Please note that in order to use the 3D display capabilities of RelMo you will need a graphics card supporting OpenGL version 1.5 or higher and preferably version 2.0. The generic Microsoft OpenGL drivers are set at OpenGL version 1.1 […]

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New in Version 10

General… The most obvious change in this release of RelMo is the introduction of a ribbon bar to contain all the controls and commands you might want to use.  This follows the design principles of the latest versions of Microsoft […]

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